Our Spanish Courses

COINED Córdoba has a wide variety of course offerings for you when making your decision about how to go about learning Spanish. All of those courses have been specifically designed to suit different time availability and level of Spanish and whether or not you prefer private or group courses. Adults and young learners alike have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Argentine culture and perfect their language skills.
Spanish is a language spoken by a large percentage of the world´s inhabitants. Comes join us to see what it is all about!


Because our curriculum and teaching plans follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), our courses follow the same standard as all of the Coined schools as well as other schools worldwide. The CEFR has a way of dividing each part of the learning process into different levels. For a student to move between the levels, it is required for them to complete specific requirements. The unique curriculum developed by Coined allows students to start the learning process in one country and move to another Coined school across the world and continue with the same course - continue just where you left off!

Group vs Private

Group and private courses each offer their own separate benefits.  Group courses give you the chance to interact with your peers, listen to their questions and ideas, and practice conversation.  Private lessons give you the entire attention of the teacher.  With more time to ask your own questions, the class moves at your pace.  If you wish to cover some specific topics you can also request that as well with your teacher!

​For every need

COINED offers a large number of courses.  They vary in amount of time, number of pupils, activities and topics.  when choosing your course, think about what your specific goals are in learning Spanish as well as your time restrictions.

General vs Specialized

Our General Spanish Courses function with the goal of arming you with the tools to be confident in your communication skills, and participate in daily life in another language.